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Lone Wolf Style

If You Build It; They Will Come (and Love it!)

Cambridge, ON (April 4, 2015)

As technology evolves, so does the customer. REAL Trends technology spoke with Kit Hale, a leading broker-owner of MKB Realtors in Roanoke, Virginia. We asked him what his keys to success were and how he retains agents.

What we discovered is an overarching theme, “Our team is here if you need us, but if you don’t, we’re out of your way,” said Kit Hale. To position his brokerage to better serve different agents Kit made the decision to implement technology that was adaptable to how his agents operated and enabled his team to execute the company vision and grow the business.

Hale bought MKB Realtors from the original owners in 2012. Prior to that, he was managing the brokerage since 1996. With his new position, Hale was able to make the tech changes necessary. One program he had been researching was Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, which he ultimately decided to implement.

"Part of the value of being involved and engaged is seeing how the Internet and technology evolves, and how it helps our business," he says. “How people want to be communicated with is changing, so you have to invest in and seek younger associates.”

Implementing new technology brings change. Being focused on implementation is how a top brokerage leads effective change management via technology. Hale says that he was impressed in the Lone Wolf training, as it was intense and thorough. He particularly responded to the train-the-trainer approach, because if you want to have success at the brokerage level, knowledge supersedes everything. After the initial training, Lone Wolf offered live customer support and a variety of self-serve product education resources available on-demand. Hale also appreciated how a personal representative answered the phone whenever help was needed.

Hale took a holistic approach to his brokerage technology infrastructure, implementing back office and front office technology to accommodate the needs of his growing business. Once the front office platform, WOLFconnect, was set up Hale was ecstatic. This was what his office was missing—interoffice communications, forms, documents, policy manuals and events. The agents responded positively.

Overall, Hale has seen the benefits of implementing a Complete Enterprise Solution for his office in support of the strategic vision for his business. As an independent brokerage, (Leading Real Estate Companies of the World brokerage) his company was able to get useful tools into the hands of its agents to help them compete with some of the bigger brands and franchise systems.

In addition, by using Long Wolf, he can attract agents who seek quality systems and tools to be more efficient in their businesses. The effectiveness of his systems have proven to retain agents as well.

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