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New API Functionality Improves the Transaction Process for Real Estate Agents

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO (October 14, 2014)

Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, the industry leader in real estate solutions and services, announces the completion of an API (application programming interface) integration with eSignature provider, DealTap, available through Lone Wolf’s loadingDOCS transaction management solution.

The API allows agents to automatically send signed transaction documents from their DealTap system directly to their loadingDOCS clipboard. This API streamlines the transaction process for real estate agents, significantly reducing the manual processes and time required to upload and submit documents to their brokerage staff for approval.

"Our focus has always been on improving efficiency and identifying ways to increase profitability for our clients and this API is an excellent example of that,"" says Lorne C. Wallace C.A., CEO of Lone Wolf. "By strategically selecting partner companies that can help us further improve the functionality of our solutions, we'll continue to streamline real estate transaction processes and deliver deeper data integration to our clients."

The completion of the API within loadingDOCS further solidifies the value of Lone Wolf's transaction management system and reinforces Lone Wolf's product and service offerings for real estate agents. Currently, Lone Wolf services nearly 10,000 real estate offices and almost 250,000 agents across North America.

The DealTap API, along with other partnerships in the transaction management space, will enable Lone Wolf clients to leverage the data in their systems and implement more efficient processes to improve brokerage operations.

"This is a pivotal move for the industry. Working with Lone Wolf, the entire real estate transaction becomes seamless, integrated right into the backbone architecture of a brokerage. It is a significant shift in terms of how real estate transactions can be managed by the business," says Zoran Vukasovic, B.Com, MBA, F.CIM, Managing Partner of DealTap Inc. "We believe this is just the beginning and look forward to working with Lone Wolf."

loadingDOCS is Lone Wolf’s transaction management component within the Complete Enterprise Solution. loadingDOCS, and its partnerships, cover the five steps of going paperless for a real estate brokerage including creation, execution, submission, review/approval, and storage of transaction documents.


Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies Inc. is the North American leader in real estate solutions and services with almost 10,000 offices utilizing their fully integrated product lines. Lone Wolf's Complete Enterprise Solutions is comprised of its core products and services – brokerWOLF back office management solution, WOLFconnect front office management solutions, globalWOLF website solution, loadingDOCS paperless office solution, mobileWOLF mobile solution, WOLFmedia ad revenue generation service, WOLFwatch accounting service and Lone Wolf's newest service specific to the agent marketplace, agentWOLF. The Complete Enterprise Solution is ideal for real estate offices looking to seamlessly manage their data from the back office to the front office to brokerage and agent websites, providing a single point of entry for data, significant time savings and profitability opportunities. The Complete Enterprise Solution is an invaluable component of a successful real estate brokerage. Lone Wolf has offices in Cambridge, ON, Langley, BC, Las Vegas, NV and Show Low, AZ. For more information please visit

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