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Close Transactions More Efficiently

Stop chasing paperwork. Remove the back and forth between your agents and staff with our transaction management and paperless document storage solution. Whether your agents submit transaction documents manually or electronically, everything will funnel into place with loadingDOCS. Now your staff can seamlessly manage transactions on time, every time.

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Your Paperless Office!

Your administrative staff and agents are spending too much time going back and forth with documents. This wasted time causes inefficiencies, frustration and lack of communication between your front office and your agents. loadingDOCS helps streamline all front office management and communication in a paperless manner. Give your agents the power to upload transaction documents from anywhere, any time. Allow your administration staff to sort, organize and ensure all documentation is filled out correctly in an efficient manner. Open up the lines of communication and work seamlessly online. Save time and money in your office by allowing your staff and agents to focus on what is important - communicating and closing transactions. With loadingDOCS you are increasing clarity and communication for all parties involved.

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Paperless Transaction and Listing Management

Have confidence that your office's transaction documents are being managed safely and effectively. loadingDOCS removes the need for your agents and staff to deal with hard copies of your transactions and listings. Create space and organization in your office by removing the need for filing systems. Easily recall and search documents, simply by using the search toolbar in loadingDOCS. With less administration and paperwork required you will save your office time and money, providing your agents and staff with the tools necessary to focus on achieving the overall business goals.

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Gain Complete Insight Into Your Office

loadingDOCS gives your brokerage the tools to become more organized with forms and files all in one place. With the ability to call up transaction and listing reports on demand, brokers will gain visibility into deals and their office pipeline. Understand where agents are in the transaction process, what is needed to finalize transactions and ensure that processes are running smoothly. In one simple dashboard you will have complete insight into the status of transactions in your office.

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What Our Clients are Saying:

We have been using loadingDOCS since it was added to WOLFconnect. It's like having an extra assistant, it sends out checklists automatically, gives agents reminders when documents and tasks are due, and helps keep track of all individuals who are a part of the transaction. loadingDOCS keeps our office documents organized, saved, and accessible.

Rusty Melle
Broker - ITG Realty


Recruit and Retain Top Agents

Build an office that provides your staff and agents with cutting edge software tools, bringing value, saving time and encouraging high rates of closed transactions. Ensuring that your agents can start their agreements digitally from anywhere removes any physical barrier that will inhibit success. Brokers can attract top agents and build a stronger brokerage.

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loadingDOCS is the piece that puts your administration and agents together. With a single point of data entry you can make changes, add contacts and satisfy conditions in one program and have data automatically sync to your front and back office. Build confidence in your office by knowing that agent profiles, transactions, business contacts and broker contacts are always up-to-date in your back office and your Electronic Deal Sheet (EDS). loadingDOCS is the tool that helps elevate your brokerage to the next level of efficiency, data sync, open communication and rapid transaction closing.

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