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Senior Leadership Team

  • Lorne C. Wallace
    Lorne C. Wallace Executive Chairman
  • Patrick Arkeveld
    Patrick Arkeveld CEO
  • Dave Furness
    Dave Furness COO
  • Don Harkness
    Don Harkness CFO
  • Don Harkness
    Scott Gowdish Executive Vice President, Development
  • Don Harkness
    Matt Goddard Vice President, Product Management


  • Doug Fisher
    Doug Fisher Director, Sales
  • Alex Jacobs
    Alex Jacobs Director, SAE
  • Sharon Schnarr
    Sharon Schnarr Sales Manager
  • Albert Laing
    Albert Laing Sales Manager
  • Laura Gillespie
    Laura Gillespie Key Account Manager
  • Monica Boutzis
    Monica Boutzis Broker Account Manager
  • Andrea Tomchuck
    Andrea Tomchuk Key Account Manager
  • Arshad Ibrahim
    Arshad Ibrahim Strategic Accounts Executive
  • Kyle Hunter
    Kyle HunterStrategic Accounts Executive
  • Courtney Bennett
    Courtney Bennett Broker Account Manager
  • Shaun Harkley
    Shaun Harkley Broker Account Manager
  • Keith Hunter
    Keith Hunter Key Account Manager
  • Colleen Daley
    Colleen Daley Account Manager
  • Colleen Daley
    Kim Basler Broker Account Manager
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