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Be the News with WOLFvision Interactive Digital Displays!

It's your business. Splash your data across your office! The success of your brokerage depends on effectively communicating and motivating your agents, and promoting your brand and listings. How are you succeeding?

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Be the On-Demand Source of Office Updates and News for Your Agents and Clients!

Lead Generation

WOLFvision is the interactive display board that provides your clients with a unique and engaging way to receive up to the minute details about your brokerage's listings. With the customizable formats available, your brokerage can choose to display listing information in a way that suits your location and business. Listing integration ensures that your listings feed from your front office through to WOLFvision so you are always promoting the most current information. Place WOLFvision on a digital display in your waiting room, a street-facing window or a kiosk to increase traffic to your brokerage. This on-demand lead generation will pull in buyers and sellers, and their lead information will automatically sync from WOLFvision through to your front and back office. Seamless, easy and efficient, put your efforts into closing the transaction and leave the rest up to WOLFvision.

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Increase Listing Exposure

Through a seamless integration with WOLFconnect's Listings Module, WOLFvision pulls all of your brokerage's listing information to provide an on-demand showcase of your listings to the public. Gone are the days of printing and posting your brokerage's listings. With a dynamic feed, clients will see images and housing information in a digital format. Placing these in high traffic areas will guarantee increased exposure for your brokerage's listings!

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Streamline Front Office Management and Communication

How are you sharing business successes with your agents and staff? Show your agents that you appreciate and recognize their hard work by showcasing their accomplishments on a dynamic digital display featured throughout your office. Use eye-catching reports to visualize office successes. Provide an interactive In/Out board to ensure everyone is able to easily communicate and work on transactions in an effective manner.

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Recruit and Retain Top Agents

Set your brokerage apart from the rest by providing your agents with a platform to showcase their successes and a way to promote their listings interactively to a large audience. Motivate your agents by providing them with cutting edge digital tools to help promote their business. WOLFvision brings value to your agents which will allow your brokerage to attract and build a stronger team!

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WOLFvision is the piece to your business that will set you apart from the rest. It’s about bringing the best technology into your office to promote and motivate your agents, to communicate with your staff and agents, and to boost the visibility of your brand and listings in the market. As part of the Complete Enterprise Solution, WOLFvision has the ability to integrate seamlessly into your front office and back office solution. This allows for a single point of data entry, as well as proper distribution and tracking of leads. You work hard to build up your business and your listings. Give them the presentation and audience they deserve with WOLFvision!

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