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Free features for faster—and safer—transactions

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in real estate to bring these amazing features to your Transactions solution—for free. Manage your transactions from start to finish and protect your clients—and business—in one place.


Digital Title Orders

Digital Title Orders

One-click title orders

For the first time, you can order title insurance directly from your transaction management solution and get:

  • Better communication with your title agent through two-way messaging and notifications
  • Secure data/document submission with your preferred title company 
  • Real-time data syncing to prevent back and forth, and risk of errors
sellers disclosure wizard

Sellers Disclosure Wizard

Smart forms for seller disclosures

Protect your clients at every stage of the sale and save time while doing it. Sellers Shield and Transactions work together to help you:

  • Simplify the disclosure process with the step-by-step wizard
  • Ensure compliance and form completion with expert tips and instructional videos
  • Limit legal liability and protect sellers against claims

tenant screening

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening in lease transactions

  • Generate instant screening reports to find the right tenants fast
  • Receive rental applications from tenants through Share ApplyLink™ email, or text invite
  • Request credit reports and provide application packages to clients from within a transaction

home warranty

Digital Home Warranty

One-tap protection and immediate warranty plans

Protect your future homeowners from everything with the ability to order home warranties directly within the transaction. This exclusive feature gives you:

  • Automatic confirmation in your transaction for home warranty plans and order submissions
  • Two-way document moving and return confirmation via email automation
  • Better visibility into order status and recipient/provider info



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