4 Things to Think About Before Going Paperless

Yo Wang
4 Things to Think About Before Going Paperless

Paperless brokerages are now a reality. Going digital increases the organizational efficiency and the environmental sustainability of your brokerage. Despite the benefits of moving away from paper, you should ask yourself a few questions before investing in a new technology. Here are the top 4 things you should look into before going digital! 

          1. Is the technology customizable to my brokerage's specific needs?

          2. Does it increase the accessibility of information for my agents and staff?

          3. What support and training are offered in implementing and running the technology?

          4. How does the technology protect the confidentiality and the integrity of my documents and sensitive information?

When choosing a technology for your brokerage, make sure the technology is secure, seamless and synchronized with your other technologies. Technologies that compromise security, don't sync with your other technologies or don't come with adequate support will cause more problems than benefits.

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