5 Benefits of Using Digital Displays at Your Brokerage

Still taping paper listings to your brokerage’s front window? We all know printers are a hassle and paper is wasteful, but here are 5 other advantages of leveraging digital display signs at your real estate brokerage:

  1. Convenience

    Get live MLS updates without dealing with printers and tape. Have multiple branches? Display the same information across different offices. Digital signs allow you to save time by updating your listings' information with live automatic data.

  2. Advertise

    Sell advertising space on your digital display. Not only does this allow you to earn some money, but it allows you to promote and connect with businesses in your local community!

  3. Customization

    With digital signage, you can both showcase content from your franchise while displaying your own listings. Digital signs also allow you to share office hours, community events, holiday greetings and anything else you may want to highlight!

  4. Eye-Catching

    Our eyes are drawn to lights and moving images. Research shows people are 5-10 times more likely to look at moving images over static media, and 2-5 times more likely to remember its content.

  5. Branding

    Use digital signs to leverage your franchises brand, and maintain consistency across branch offices. Digital displays will also help your brokerage be perceived as a 'high-tech' brokerage that embraces technology and leverages technology to better serve its clients.

Digital displays offer many opportunities for real estate brokerages. The benefits are even greater when the digital display is specifically built for real estate brokerages.

WOLFvision not only modernizes your display of listings, but it also has functionality that can be used for lead capture. In addition, WOLFvision can be used to keep your office organized and motivated. WOLFvision allows you to track and display staff availability with touch check-in. With WOLFvision, you can also recognize your brokerage’s top producers with a sales leaderboard.

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