5 Things We’re Thankful for This Year

What are you thankful for?

From partnerships designed to change the landscape of real estate technology, to products specially-built to reduce unnecessary workloads and beyond, we’ve had a busy 2019 here at Lone Wolf. And that means we have a lot to be thankful for.

Here’s what we’re thankful for this year.

1. The chance to bring our experience to the U.S. member benefit.

Back in April, we announced that we were acquiring zipLogix, which built transaction management, electronic forms, and eSignature software for real estate.

It was a big deal for the entire real estate industry, and even now, months later, we’re still thrilled about the chance to bring our technological expertise and resources to something so critical to what you do every day.

2. How much Canada loves its member benefit.

Last year was about the announcement. This year was about the action.

We spent the majority of this year going through a province-by-province rollout of a new member benefit built on TransactionDesk. By the time rollout was completed in October, right on schedule, the new platform already had a 50% adoption rate across the country—and had helped close nearly 400,000 transactions.

Thank you for getting on board with it so quickly, and for showing us how much you love it!

3. The ability to connect back office and transaction management.

Real estate transactions infamously have a lot of moving pieces, and the second something changes, the data entry gremlin pops out to steal hours from admins, transaction coordinators, agents, brokers—anyone it can get its hands on.

That’s what we wanted to solve when we built Lone Wolf Link—not once, but twice. First with TransactionDesk, and then with zipTMS, we had the unique ability and opportunity to defeat duplicate data entry once and for all with the only two-way integration between back office and transaction management.

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4. The chance for fresh leadership.

New leadership means a new start, a new mission, and a new focus. And more often than not, it signals that a company is about to go through some major growth.

We’re thankful that’s exactly what happened here at Lone Wolf this year. Introducing our new CEO Jimmy Kelly gave us the chance to bring a fresh set of eyes to what we do, and adjust our focus so we can do our best for you.

Plus, it paved the way for a massive change in the way real estate technology operates, starting this year and continuing into next year:

5. The start of a new deal.

It’s no secret; we’ve outright said that real estate has a transaction management problem. And that problem is that there are too many tools that don’t work together, so the time you save on one step comes back when you have to connect it to another step.

That’s what we’re solving with a growing marketplace of plug-and-play services and solutions. It’s built to be an all-in-one shop for the integrations you know and use, so you can plug your website to your transaction management to your escrow holder and more. Real estate tech will no longer happen in a silo!

We’re thankful and humbled that so many fellow industry leaders have come forward to work with us! We look forward to building the future of real estate tech with you.

Read more about it here!

But most importantly: We’re thankful for you.

No company would be anywhere without its community. We’re thankful for you—for your guidance, for your partnership, and for being part of the Lone Wolf family.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy your time with family and friends!