Civic Holiday at the cottage

It hasn’t exactly been your typical summer, but it’s still important to make sure to take a break! Even though it goes by at least a dozen different names in Canada, the Civic Holiday weekend is a perfect reminder to take some time and enjoy summer while it’s here.

So with that in mind, on Monday, August 3, our Canadian home offices will be closed for the Civic Holiday.


What to do if you need Back Office support that day

Not to worry—we’ll have a reduced support crew available to help you if something comes up. To reach us, you can submit a case through your Help menu in Back Office (formerly brokerWOLF), email us at, or create a case in the Community.

Plus, check out the Community’s discussion groups—where you can ask questions and get answers from your fellow Back Office users.


What to do if you need Transactions support that day

This won’t affect support availability for Transactions (formerly TransactionDesk and zipForm Plus/zipTMS), Authentisign, or any other Transactions add-ons. So continue to reach out through the regular channels!


What to do if you can’t access hosted services

If you can’t access WOLFconnect, hosted data for Back Office on our servers, or any websites you have that we host, we’re here to help. Send us an email at and include:

  • A description of what’s going on
  • Your contact information
  • The word “urgent” in the subject line

Happy Civic Holiday!