Conquer your CRM woes with these 4 solutions-main

As a real estate pro, you know how crucial your client relationships are to your business’ success. It’s also no surprise that it takes a great deal of time, effort, and various interpersonal and tech tools, to nurture those relationships and close more deals.

But with the help of a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, like LionDesk, you will not only automate your client nurture, but you’ll also bring it to the next level. Plus, you can tackle the following CRM woes:

Challenge #1: Unqualified leads

A common pain point in real estate is having low-qualified leads roll in. With a good CRM in place, like LionDesk, you can nurture leads—even ones that are unqualified—that come in until they are ready to buy or sell. Within the CRM, you can organize contacts using labels such as SOI, past clients, seller leads, buyer leads, active sellers, active buyers, FSBO, expired listing, etc. Then choose from LionDesk's pre-built drip campaigns to target unqualified leads to get market updates via email, text, phone, or even video, all the while keeping your brokerage top-of-mind.

When leads come through as qualified, you have the option to assign out the leads to one of your agents, based on their location or current performance. Your agents will then be able to view the lead activity so they can follow up. Plus, while campaigns are running, you’ll see which email and text campaigns are performing the best—allowing you to optimize your marketing and forecast for the future.

Solution: Free trial of LionDesk CRM

Challenge #2: New leads falling through the cracks

In order to beat out the competition, it’s important to market your business online across multiple sites to gain brand recognition in your target markets. But when leads come in from so many different places—like Facebook, Zillow, and other sites—it’s important to enlist the help of a good CRM so they don’t fall through the cracks.

With LionDesk, leads from 3rd party websites are directly imported into your CRM so they can go straight into a custom text/email campaign. Plus, features like AI-lead follow-up help your agents have real conversations with leads via text, so they can effortlessly nurture contacts until they’re ready to buy or sell. The artificial intelligence (AI) features work for you while you focus on other important tasks.

Solution: LionDesk AI-lead follow-up

Challenge #3: Managing an organized CRM for the entire team

If your business is a team of two … or 200, an organized team is undoubtedly more productive than a team that is not. You can streamline the sales workflow with a CRM, including organizing contacts, templates, and data in one easy place that everyone on the team can access at any time, from any device.

No more piles of paper flying from desk to desk, looking for notes on a prospect, or even searching for the right email template with one-stop-shop organization and auto-tagging within the CRM.

Solution: Real estate’s #1 CRM

Challenge #4: Targeting potential homebuyers in your local area

Instead of blasting ads out to a mixed group of qualified and unqualified leads with information regarding a listing, you can run automated digital ads across popular websites like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more. With a digital ad solution like Boost, branded listing ads are automated with information pulled straight from your MLS and displayed only to leads who are most likely to click on your ad, or who are in the market to buy or sell. That could be a radius of the address or zip code, current income, career type, and more. You can even tweak the criteria, too.

With your ads served up to the right audience mix, their contact information is then captured with beautiful landing pages from LionDesk that are branded to your business. Every landing page template has a lead capture form. Anytime someone visits and completes the form on your landing page, LionDesk will capture that information and create a new contact record for you within the CRM.

Solution: Boost automated digital ads & LionDesk Landing Pages

A good CRM goes far beyond helping you find and qualify leads for new business so you can build relationships, generate leads, nurture leads, and turn those leads into lifelong clients. And there’s no better time than the new year to get on top of your CRM so you can stay ahead of your competition.