Good Vibrations How Our Community Reacted to CREA News

Last Friday, we had some big and exciting news:

We’ve partnered with the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) to bring a new version of CREA WEBForms to its members across the country.

We thought we were excited about it—until we saw how our social media community reacted to the news!

Ever since the news went out Friday morning, we’ve been hearing from amazing folks just like you about how excited they are about this deal—and what it means for them.

We’ve gotten phone calls from people who want to talk about the possibilities.

We’ve seen a huge spike in social media response, from likes and retweets to comments like this:

“We just moved to TransactionDesk…amazing!!!”

And this:

“We need to check this out! Would be great to have it in one place”

And even an industry leader who shared his two cents on it:

"If I’m reading this right it sounds like Lone Wolf just site licensed a whole country. Nice work!"

We just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you! We’re truly humbled by just how excited you all are about the upcoming transition, and we can’t wait to bring you the new CREA WEBForms.