How to Make Your Brokerage a Smooth Operator

Your brokerage needs to:

  1. Make money
  2. Connect the agents that make the money and the front desk that handles the money
  3. Manage and distribute the money—by processing deals, and paying staff, invoicing outside vendors etc

All three components are vital to the smooth operation of a real estate brokerage. Tech is needed for each component to ensure that they are working as they’re supposed to—and working well. When working well, this tech ‘ecosystem‘ allows your business—and everyone who works for your business—to thrive.

With just one piece missing or misfiring, this ecosystem is not fully healthy. The brokerage and its employees cannot reach full potential.

Many brokerages add technology to this ecosystem, but do it by cobbling together pieces from here, pieces from there. The problem with this piecemeal approach is that it fosters inefficiency in the office—everything from added manual processes, communication gaps, data inaccuracies, complicated workflows—and these inefficiencies come at a tremendous cost.

Brokerages end up paying for temporary, niche services instead of investing in solutions capable of providing the holistic value their office demands.

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