The real estate climate we are in right now is challenging. Not only is inventory lower than ever, with 43% fewer listings in January 2021 than a year ago, but the homes that are on the market are selling faster than ever.

So, what is the key to getting your brokerage to succeed right now?

Making sure you and your agents are winning listings.

How to help your agents win more listings

Consumers often interview multiple agents before deciding which agent they want to list their home with. It’s simply not enough for your agents to show up to a listing presentation with an MLS printout anymore if they want to win the listing. Plus, consumers don’t just want but expect an experience that is digital. With Cloud CMA, you can arm your agents with a winning CMA report that can be created in minutes. Not only will they stand out with a professional-looking report, but they also can showcase market data and arrive at a list price for their potential clients’ home based on hard facts.

Additionally, Cloud CMA is the only tool that lets your agents interactively present their CMA—whether in person or virtually.

The first step to getting your agents to win listings in this market is to impress their potential sellers from the start—and that’s at the listing presentation.

How to help them keep their clients happy along the way

Once your agents have the listing, their work to keep their clients happy does not stop there. It’s also imperative that they can provide an outstanding experience for their clients during the home selling process, so they can win their clients’ business again in the future.

But in a hot market, deals coming in fast means your agents must navigate listings that have lots of offers and bidding wars.

With OfferPlace, your agents can easily manage offers that come in and keep them all organized in one place, saving time and stress. With real-time notifications of new offers, your agents can notify their clients the moment a new offer comes in, and can easily accept, decline, or counter them all in one place.

Going for gold in 2021

Listings are gold in this market. Help your agents stand out, impress clients, and WIN this year with the help of Cloud CMA and OfferPlace—available to you through Transactions (zipForm Edition).