Let's Chat What Is Client Service Really About

What do you think of when you hear the term “customer service?”

Chances are the first thing that popped into your head was the folks you meet in the course of your everyday activities. Maybe it’s the person you talked to at your cell service provider’s call center, or maybe it’s the cashier at the grocery store who likely won’t remember that great joke you made the next time you go in.

Either way, it brings to mind a more-often-than-not impersonal encounter with someone who doesn’t really put any thought into what happens after you hang up the phone.

At Lone Wolf, we believe that’s the furthest possible thing from what client service should be.

Real estate is a relationship business. That isn’t news to anyone in the industry.

In many brokerages, it’s all about building a human connection; proving that there’s a living, breathing, thinking human on the other side of a conversation, and encouraging clients to create a lasting bond with that human.

It isn’t about selling them one thing and then sending them on their merry way, hoping they’ll decide to come back next time they need something.

It’s about being there the minute that client needs you.

And that’s our philosophy when it comes to being there for our clients.

That’s why we’ve worked so hard to build our world-class Support team, dedicated to client success. Along with one-on-one time with a Client Success team member, and dedicated training from a Professional Services team member, we want to make sure you can always reach us right when you need us.

So let’s chat.

We recently rolled out a new Support chat, which lets you talk to one of our Support team members right when you need to.

What does this mean for you?

It means that whether you prefer to talk on the phone, over email, or in a real-time chat, you can connect with us however you choose to work.

It means that you have quick access to the solutions you need to be even more productive and effective with our technology.

It means that you can talk to one of our Support team members right when you need to.

And it means that unlike the grocery store cashier, we’ll remember those jokes you made

So the next time you have a question about your Lone Wolf tech, like which menu you need in order to pay your agents, head on over to The Community and make the most of our new Support chat!

Of course, for tougher questions, you can keep on using the brokerWOLF Support Request Form, emailing us at support@lwolf.com, or calling 1-866-279-9653.