Link Is Ready to Transform the World of Real Estate

When it comes to back office and transaction management solutions working together, there are a lot of things that can go sideways—from duplicate data entry, to missing information, “lost” paperwork, and more.

And those two solutions both deal with so many of the same fields and pieces of information—so if they can’t work together, then real estate as we know it is in trouble.

Good thing they’ve got a hero.


Meet Lone Wolf Link.

Officially launching today, Link is on a mission—to save the world of real estate, to transform transactions, and to reunite back office and transaction management information, once and for all.

It’s the first of its kind—a two-way connection between brokerWOLF and TransactionDesk, equipped to transfer data from one to the other and back again in real time. So everyone involved in a transaction stays up to date, without all that extra data entry work.


It’s ready to make a difference for North American real estate.

With its ability to act as a go-between for brokerWOLF, our real estate-specific back office and accounting system, and TransactionDesk, the industry’s favorite transaction management platform, Link is ready to revolutionize the way real estate offices do their transactions.

What does this mean for your brokerage? Well, it means less data entry, less time and effort spent on each transaction, and no more worrying about whether your information is up to date—all without sacrificing on productivity, effectiveness, or compliance.


Ready to meet the new hero of real estate transactions? Check out Link—now available—here!