At its core—dating to find your forever partner has never been easy. Even if you know exactly what you are looking for, finding that perfect match takes time and effort.

Now, with a slew of apps aimed at connecting you with potential partners in your area, it's become slightly easier for singles to identify surface-level traits like—does this person have similar hobbies and interests to mine? But beyond the surface, people also need to connect on deeper levels that will strengthen the relationship.

Recruiting new agents to your brokerage is a lot like dating. You need to find the right agents who not only are a good culture fit on the surface but who also meet the needs and requirements of your brokerage. Unfortunately, real estate hasn’t had a modern recruiting solution to make this matchmaking process any easier.

Coming soon...Recruit—the simple solution to better recruiting.

Recruit based on your favorite qualities

We all want to find people (or agents in this case) who ‘check off our boxes’. But knowing the qualities you want is only half the battle. Recruit allows you to build a custom profile of your favorite agents, and then use their qualities to search for similar agents.

Find agents who are the best fit with real estate’s only ‘Fit Score’

With Recruit’s AI and machine learning capabilities, you’ll get access to a list of agents who have a best ‘Fit Score’ to the qualities you are looking for. Recruit uses over 45+ metrics to determine your unique ‘Fit Score’, so you can rest assured that the agents you are recruiting check off all of your boxes.

Save your time and resources

In the past, recruiting either required you to go after top producers (met with fierce competition) or cast a wide net and recruit as many agents as possible (some that might not be successful). Whichever strategy you used could take a lot of your time and money on training agents who simply do not work out.

Recruit ensures that you are targeting agents who truly match what you are looking for, so your time and effort to train them improves profitability, rather than impairing it.

Soon you’ll be able to find the agents who are the best match for your brokerage

Stay tuned in the next few weeks to see what the minds behind Insights are doing to help you recruit smarter, not harder—and with the power of AI and machine learning, find the agents who will best fit your brokerage on the first try.