Home warranties for major appliances in Marketplace

With interest rates falling in the U.S., more and more first-time homebuyers are venturing out in hopes of finding their first homes—but the current situation may leave them without as much wiggle room in the budget as they’d like.

So today, we’re introducing a new partnership in Marketplace to help keep the wiggle room they do have safe.


First American Home Warranty for Transactions (TransactionDesk Edition)

This integration is launching today for our Transactions (TransactionDesk Edition) users.

First American Home Warranty is a renewable yearly service that protects home appliances and systems that aren’t typically covered by homeowner’s insurance. If one of these systems or appliances breaks down, a home warranty protects homeowners from unexpected costs.

Why we picked it: Even at the best of times, appliances breaking down can cause a lot of budgetary strain for new homeowners. Many folks don’t have as much flexibility with their budgets as normal, so this integration gives agents a way to protect and help those buyers—and protect sellers from liability after the fact.