Working with Broker Cloud on laptop

There’s been a lot of change happening around here at Lone Wolf lately!

Not too long ago, we introduced you to Broker Cloud, a whole new way for real estate brokers to find and use the tech they need. It’s specifically designed to bring all the essentials into one completely integrated location—so you can run your business, amaze your clients, and improve profitability all in the same place.


Now, let’s talk about Broker Cloud.

For more than three decades, we’ve been working directly with brokerages, gleaning insider insight into what the essentials are—from ways to manage transactions, to customizable commission structures, audit-ready back office and accounting, actionable business insights and more.

Rather than tracking those all down individually, now, they’re all pulled together into Broker Cloud.

Here’s a quick look at how it works:

How the Broker Cloud works

P.S. On mobile? Get the full infographic here!

If you think about it, it’s a lot like ordering your groceries. Instead of looking around your kitchen, building a list of what you need, and wandering around the store until you’re pretty sure you’ve got everything, you order a bundle and it’s all waiting for you when you get to the store.


It’s technology for real estate’s future.

Our CRO, Matt Keenan, said it best when he told REAL Trends last week that we’re trying to position our products, solutions, and integrations to be where the industry will be, rather than where it is right now.

Right now, real estate is in the midst of change. It’s been coming for a while, spurred by too many tools and not enough connected ones. And when that change is finished, real estate will live in a new technological landscape.

That’s why, for a long time, we’ve been working to create a new level of connectivity for real estate as the answer to that change. It’s an essential service for all of us, and it deserves the same sort of experience you’d expect of Google or Adobe.

Then, the pandemic happened. And as people shifted to working remotely, unprepared and with no warning whatsoever, all the problems of disconnected technology that were creating the need for change became glaringly obvious.

Now, the problems that we’ve been working to solve need to be solved a lot faster, and will play a much larger part in how real estate works in the future.

Broker Cloud is our way of doing exactly that.


And we’re not the only ones excited about it.

News of Broker Cloud has been floating around the Internet, and we’ve seen lots of feedback coming in from folks who like the changes.

We’ve also seen industry publications picking up on the news and digging deeper into what this means for real estate as it evolves with the changing landscape. In fact, here’s where you can find more news of the clouds around the web, including the interview with Matt Keenan we mentioned earlier: