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An Accounting Program that Does the Things You Don’t Want To Do

Your back office is the heart of your business but you’re a real estate professional, not an accountant. The brokerWOLF solution speaks the real estate language, meeting your accounting and back office needs.

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Back Office Technology Designed for the Real Estate Brokerage!

As a broker, your success hinges on the proper management and insight into your back office and finances. brokerWOLF provides your brokerage with access to hundreds of reports that will consolidate all transactional and back office information into formats that are easy to use, integrated into the office and available on demand. Have complete insight into where your money is coming from and where it's going. Provide your administrative staff a program that is user friendly and efficient. Remove any room for human error or wasted time duplicating data entry.

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Paperless Transaction and Listing Management

With robust reporting capabilities and a truly seamless integration, brokerWOLF provides brokerages with the ability to build out an office that manages transactions and listings in a paperless manner. Access and push dynamic reports and resources to your administrators and agents, creating open communication and a seamless flow of pushing transactions through to close in your office.

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What Our Clients are Saying:

brokerWOLF has changed the way we run our company. We are in complete control of every aspect of our business.

Tommy Dunbar
Finance Director, Old Colony, REALTORS®


Safe and Reliable Storage of Your Back Office and Financial Information

With brokerWOLF Hosting you have remote access, automatic-back-ups and safe, reliable storage of your data from anywhere. Have confidence knowing that your business data is safe and secure.

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The fully integrated program combines accounting with transaction data to provide unrivaled real-time reporting capabilities for the broker. Everything from listing inventory, transaction processing, agent management, accounts payable and accounts receivable all the way down to financial statements are managed through the brokerWOLF back office accounting solution.

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