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Improving Workflow and Accountability for Real Estate Relocation

Cambridge, ON (February 22, 2013)

Eliminating Real Estate referral oversight and tedious dual data entry is an opportunity to save Real Estate brokers both time and money!

Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, the North American leader in Real Estate brokerage solutions and services, is partnering with eRelocation, a Dayton, Ohio-based Real Estate technology company specializing in broker relocation software, to create seamless connectivity for referral processing and accounting.

Through this partnership, currently under development, relocation referral data originating in eRelocation will pass through to the brokerWOLF back office management solution in two ways.

First, once a referral is assigned in eRelocation, that referral will be captured through WOLFconnect, Lone Wolf’s virtual front office management solution, and passed along to the brokerWOLF accounting system. There it will be available for matching to Real Estate transactions as they are processed. This closes the loop and will help to ensure that the proper commission sharing occurs between the referring company, the brokerage and the agent.

Second, referrals which go to pending status in eRelocation will seamlessly be integrated into brokerWOLF, thus eliminating the need for duplicate entry.

"The partnership with eRelocation is a huge win for our mutual clients. Not only easing the data processing burden that just seems to be more and more of an issue these days, but also ensuring the integrity of their bookkeeping. The challenge with referrals is that time passes between the initial hand off and the closing of a related transaction. Not everyone remembers where every deal came from. Now the system will do the tracking and remembering for our clients," said Lorne C. Wallace, CEO of Lone Wolf.

"This integration introduces a tremendous benefit to our mutual clients by removing duplication of effort, streamlining processes and ensuring accuracy", says Steve Earman, co-owner of eRelocation. Co-owner Ken Parrott says, "We're very excited about this, as our connectivity is another step in making our products more user-friendly and valuable to our mutual customers."

About Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies

Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies Inc. is the North American leader in Real Estate solutions and services with over 9,000 offices utilizing their fully integrated product lines. Lone Wolf’s Complete Enterprise Solutions is comprised of its core products and services – brokerWOLF back office management solution, WOLFconnect front office management solutions, globalWOLF website solution, mobileWOLF mobile solution, WOLFmedia ad revenue generation service, WOLFwatch accounting service and Lone Wolf’s newest service specific to the agent marketplace, agentWOLF. The Complete Enterprise Solution is ideal for Real Estate offices looking to seamlessly manage their data from the back office to the front office to brokerage and agent websites, providing a single point of entry for data, significant time savings and profitability opportunities. The Complete Enterprise Solution is an invaluable component of a successful Real Estate brokerage. Lone Wolf has offices in Cambridge, ON, Langley, BC, Las Vegas, NV and Show Low, AZ. For more information please visit

About eRelocation

eRelocation offers real estate brokers a comprehensive referral and document management system specifically focused on increasing conversion, quality, and productivity. Based in Dayton, Ohio, eRelocation offers expertise that uniquely blends both the perspective of brokers, as well as third parties. For more information, please visit

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