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Technology Advancements offer Real Estate Professionals More Time

Cambridge, ON (June 25, 2013)

One of the challenges of being a Real Estate professional has always been the commitment to endless working hours any day of the week. The goal of a Real Estate professional is and has always been to maintain a profitable business, ensure satisfied clients and sell more houses, regardless of whether that happens on a Sunday afternoon or late into the evening on a Wednesday.

Advancements in technology for brokerage systems and solutions have made the work-life balance much more manageable for agents and brokers than ever before. Process efficiencies are built into the tools and software available to brokerages allowing for effective maximization of time and resources. Virtual front office systems now integrate with the brokerage's back office accounting software and the agent and office websites, making the data within a brokerage fluid through each of its technology platforms.

The results of advancements in technology are evident throughout the industry. "Our brokerage uses a variety of technology solutions to meet each unique need of our business operations. The key is that each system speaks to the other so even though we have a few different programs in place, that doesn't mean that we have to enter the data in one system then turn around and enter it in the others," says Charlie Bengel Jr., CEO of RE/MAX Allegiance. "This is a huge time savings for our business and has resulted in efficiency improvements and operational cost avoidance for our company."

The technology provided by the industry's leading software provider, Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, has made a significant improvement on the efficiency of brokerages utilizing its suite of products and services. To further solidify its position as a leader in technology, the Branham Group, a leading "Go to Market" consultancy focused on the technology sector, named Lone Wolf among its Top 250 Information Technology Companies in Canada.

"Over the past decade, the industry has worked towards breaking down the barrier surrounding the accessibility of data. Siloization of data has been an inefficient and costly challenge in the industry causing Real Estate professionals to spend countless hours duplicating data entry between brokerage systems," says Lorne C. Wallace, CEO of Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies. "With the advancement in technology, siloization is being eliminated which has proven to increase profitability by saving time and reducing staffing requirements."

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