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What Brokerages Need to Know
about Software Integration

It's not always fun speaking "geek"—but when it comes to making business decisions for your brokerage, it's good to know how software integration plays a role.


Software Integration Whitepaper Mockup

If you’ve ever looked at buying software for your brokerage and found yourself wondering:

  • What does it mean when software is "plugged in?"
  • How does software integration work?
  • Why is it a big deal, anyway?
  • And what happens if it isn't there?

Then this handy reference guide will help answer your questions—without you needing to go digging for answers.

"Nearly 50% of brokerages spend an hour processing a transaction. Using an integrated software system can save up to $9,000 per year just on transaction management."

Source: The State of the Brokerage Report

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