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Your new member benefit from Arizona Association of REALTORS®.

With this partnership, you’ll have access to real estate's leading transaction management solution, TransactionDesk. Read below to find out what's included in this new member benefit, and what's available with an exclusive upgrade.

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Here's what's included.

MLS Integration

Auto-populates listing information directly into transactions.


Pulls most recent forms and contracts from the brokerage and MLS directly from the cloud. Available on PC, Mac, smartphone, and tablet.

Document Storage

Stores and organizes an unlimited number of documents in one place, providing central source of audit-ready historical documentation.


Fast-forward transactions with Authentisign, real estate's #1 eSignature solution. Get documents and forms signed in seconds through a client's email.

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Here’s what Broker/Owners can add.

Need additional features for your brokerage? Take advantage of our exclusive pricing and upgrade to TransactionDesk Broker Edition, featuring:

  • Broker Dashboards. Get an overview of your brokerage’s transactions, documents, and checklists at any time
  • Broker File Review. Put a review proven and efficient transaction process in place
  • Agent Impersonation. See what’s going on with every agent in your brokerage
  • Broker-level Checklists. Know that all of your transactional data is collected, submitted, and reliably stored

TransactionDesk is the only transaction management solution optimized for every end user in the real estate industry—client, agent, staff, and Broker.

Whether you want to manage your brokerage’s listings in one platform, get transactions and signatures done faster, or simply to spend less time correcting errors, TransactionDesk is the only solution in the real estate industry that does it all.

Get TransactionDesk for your brokerage and:

  1. Know the status of any transaction at anytime
  2. Stay organized and compliant in everything you do
  3. Receive notifications when a document is ready for review
  4. Keep your team in step with office checklists and templates
  5. Create a consistent and modern experience for clients with brokerage branding

See TransactionDesk in Action!

Take our video tour of TransactionDesk to see how you can simplify the transaction process from offer to close!

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