Greg Robertson at the Lone Wolf booth

At Lone Wolf, we love building a sense of community with the people who work here. After all, we do like to say that real estate is about people first—and that includes the ones that work hard day in and day out to create solutions to big challenges in the industry.

As some of you may know, today marks a transition for a particularly influential person on the Lone Wolf team: Greg Robertson is officially stepping back from the role of GM, MLS and moving on. But this isn’t a goodbye—Greg will still serve as a Strategic Advisor for Lone Wolf. With the change, he’ll be able to focus on his passions as an industry influencer, blogger and podcaster, and of course, world traveler.

We’re excited to keep working with Greg in his new capacity. After all, Greg has been a major player and a prominent voice in the industry for years, championing technology in real estate and bringing the people of real estate together.

He’s also quite well known for giving real estate its dirt on his blog, Vendor Alley.

So in that spirit, and to celebrate his accomplishments, we thought we’d share a little “dirt” of our own in the form of highlights from Greg’s time at Lone Wolf. 


The time Cloud CMA hit 25 million reports

Well before his time at Lone Wolf—and even before his time as a blogger—Greg co-founded W+R Studios, which would later become known for Cloud CMA and the rest of Cloud Agent Suite. As one of the first solutions of its kind, Cloud CMA brought agents a fresh way to win listings, and it quickly became the go-to software for listing presentations for over 700,000 agents in North America.

Just this year, Cloud CMA hit a massive milestone in the form of 25 million reports created—a true testament both to its value and the hard work that real estate agents do every single day.


The time Greg censored himself on Inman

Innovation is an exciting thing—and sometimes, you just have to let it out. We’ll never forget the time Greg shared his enthusiasm over the big plans the team here at Lone Wolf had for the future of real estate technology in the form of hashes and ampersands on Inman.

After all, there’s something rewarding in hearing what someone who knows an industry so deeply thinks about what your ideas can do for the future of that industry in just two words.


The time agents and brokers finally got the full connection they needed

Not long after the realization that big things were in play at Lone Wolf, the team jumped into action—and brought the industry the completely connected experience they wanted and needed. Together with Greg’s industry connections throughout North America’s MLSs and associations, we built connections between our Transactions solutions—provided as member benefits to over 750,000 agents—to help them take control of their pipeline and build the success they want.


Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you’ve shared, Greg. We can’t wait to see what comes next.