Like any industry, real estate boasts an interesting history. From the earliest signs of land ownership etched in cave art to the rise of structured transactions and mortgages in the nineteenth century and onto the twentieth-century economic ups and downs—it's undergone a remarkable transformation.

At Lone Wolf Technologies, our story began in 1989. We've transformed, too, adapting and innovating to meet the ever-changing needs of the market—but our core remains the same.


How it all started

Born from the vision of Lorne Wallace and Des O'Kelly, Lone Wolf emerged to tackle the challenges inundating real estate professionals. Back then, complex deals, mountains of paperwork, juggling clients, and navigating a dizzying array of tools were the average norm on any given day in real estate.

Wallace and O'Kelly embarked on a mission to streamline this chaos. They pioneered financial software like brokerWOLF, WOLFconnect, and globalWOLF, laying the foundation for a revolution in real estate back offices and accounting.


Where it’s going 

Since 1989, our focus has been to create real estate software that works the way the people do. We build software that’s for people—by people. Now we’re in a new, digitally rich era at Lone Wolf. And we’re just getting started.  

Grab a glimpse into how our history has set the tone for our future—and for the future of real estate software by downloading your free copy of our Lone Wolf playbook. See what it’s like to work with us and discover:

  • Who we are behind the scenes
  • What we mean when we say real estate needs better, not more
  • What it means to be the leader in your space for over three decades
  • And where we’re going from here