The new Lone Wolf Transact

This post is part of the official Lone Wolf Foundation series. Check out the ultimate guides to the new Lone Wolf Back Office and Lone Wolf Front Office as well.


A simpler way to complete your real estate transactions.


The wait is over: Lone Wolf Transact has arrived!  

This new software is part of the new generation of Lone Wolf products, all designed to work with our comprehensive Lone Wolf Foundation platform. It transforms the deal process real estate professionals know into one that thinks the way they do: by putting the client first.

This groundbreaking rethinking of how transactions software works shows in its intuitive user experience and interface, built to speed up and simplify the transaction workflow for agents and brokers and to prioritize what matters most: a client experience that exceeds expectations.

Lone Wolf Transact makes it easy to:  

  • Open and use legally compliant forms  
  • Auto-transfer client data directly from your CRM  
  • Create customizable checklists  
  • Set up standardized agent workflows  
  • Request and complete eSignatures from clients 
  • Complete deals and transfer them to Back Office  

From compliant forms to handy tools like checklists and faster workflows overall, there’s a lot to talk about. Let’s get into it.


What does Lone Wolf Transact do?

When we talk about the future of real estate, we’re talking about changes that have been a long time coming; changes that see the fast pace of today’s competitive housing market and rise to the occasion with exemplary software to match. Below, we’ve got some examples of how Transact does exactly that.


A client-first process

Traditional transaction management software has always been based on the property being bought or sold. Transact offers a new approach: a client-first solution that reflects how the buying and selling process works in real life.  

For agents to offer satisfying client experiences, the client’s transaction doesn’t fall through just because a deal does. Transact ties transactions directly to clients instead of individual properties, creating a more personalized experience overall.


Custom checklists  

To maximize a neat and organized way of working, we’re improving the oversight that brokers have by introducing custom checklists complete with deadlines for items. This will standardize the entire paperwork process for agents in a way that makes sense for your brokerage. Agents will know exactly what tasks to complete and when to complete them by.  

Brokers and agents can rest easy knowing that the paperwork itself will be standardized to prevent issues in two ways:  

  • Legally compliant forms as the default
  • A built-in broker file review process to flag potential errors


What can you do with Lone Wolf Transact?

Optimize your workflow from the get-go.

With all the ways that you can use Transact to boost efficiency, this one is one of the easiest and most important.  

For brokers, take the time to set up default transaction workflows that work best for your brokerage. After plugging in your usual steps, create specific checklists for different kinds of transactions to make sure everything gets done when it needs to be.  

For agents, familiarize yourself with the workflow and how you want the checklists to work for you. Soon enough, your day-to-day will feel more seamless than ever.


Complete the loop.

Because Transact is part of Lone Wolf Foundation, it connects to everything you need: from CRM to eSignature and more. This end-to-end process makes it easy to navigate your transactions and move them to the right place when it’s time.  

Take advantage of this by automating your client data transfers, both from your CRM to Transact and between transactions if needed. This will help avoid manual errors and save time for the things that matter, like connecting directly with clients about their goals.

Online, all the time: Because Transact is completely online and designed to be mobile-first for easy access on any device, you can trust that every change is synced in real-time. This makes sure that everyone, from brokers to agents and clients, can stay in the loop too—whether you’re in the office or on the move.


Getting started with Transact  

Ready to get started with learning the ins and outs of Lone Wolf Transact?  


If you’re new to our software:

Reach out to us! We’ll set you up with our team for a quick demo that will showcase everything you’ll need to know. Even better? By signing up with Lone Wolf Transact, you’ll automatically get access to Lone Wolf Foundation too.  

Reach out as a new user


If you’re a current Transactions user:  

Let us know that you’re interested in Lone Wolf Transact, and we’ll reach out when it’s ready for you to upgrade. You can join the VIP list here to be the first to know!  

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Heads up: Lone Wolf Transact is subject to area availability. Ask us for more details!