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Take your deals digital with Authentisign, real estate’s number-one eSignature solution trusted by over 450,000 agents.

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You’ll be able to sign your deals:




On any device


Any time


Without paper

The fastest eSignature around

Built into Transactions, Authentisign is the only eSignature solution in real estate that gives agents the ability to complete signings in just 3 steps:


Prepare a form


Prepare a signing document


Send to the client!

Collecting signatures is quick and painless

Say goodbye to manual entry and uploads. Authentisign is built into Transactions so you have all the tools you need in one place.

Signing is easy

No matter how tech savvy your clients are, signing is easy. Sign anytime, on any web browser or mobile device, with a single click or tap.

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Monitor and manage all signatures in one place

Get real-time insight into the status of all signatures and take signing actions in one place.

Save time with automations

Automate repetitive work—like manually placing signature blocks—in seconds so you can avoid errors and focus on what matters.

Authentisign on a laptop and phone sitting on a wooden desk

Rest assured that your signings are secure

Authentisign provides multiple layers of protection to ensure that all eSignatures meet and exceed the most stringent security and privacy standards.

We take the security of your electronic signings seriously.

All of our solutions meet and exceed security standards including:


Secure website connections


Data housed in tiered IV, SSAE-16 type II certified data center


100% ESIGN compliant


FHA and Fannie Mae approved


Tamper proof security technology


Final document encryption


Secure socket layer


Signature certificates issued for each signing by Certification Authority


All private keys are stored in an HSM according to cryptography best practices and standards

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Frequently asked questions

Is Authentisign secure?

Absolutely! Your security is our number-one priority. For details, click here

Are electronic signatures legally binding in real estate transactions?

Yes. Authentisign signatures are legally binding and comply with all North American and international laws and statutes. Be sure to check your local laws and regulations for specifics.

Does Authentisign support multiple languages?

You bet—Authentisign supports full functionality in English, French and Spanish.

Will Authentisign work on my mobile device?

It will! Our solution enables you to prepare, send and sign documents instantly from your mobile device.

What file types are supported?

Authentisign supports PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG.

Is signing easy for my clients?

Authentisign is an intuitive solution that makes signing documents a breeze. Recipients simply click their signing invitation and the system will walk them through the signing. Once complete, you'll get a notification—easy as that.

What is a signing certificate?

A signing certificate contains all of signing details and acts as an added layer of security. With a signing certificate, you can track when your document was signed, the name of the document, who signed it, and where.

What if my client has someone signing on their behalf?

If your client is working with a trust company that will sign on their behalf, you can add the signer's name to the preferred signature field. This will populate your documents with the seller's name and information, and place the preferred signer's name in the signature fields to keep your deal moving.

When will the all-new Authentisign for Transactions (zipForm Edition) be available in my area?

It is available today! Sign up to get started

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