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Making listings modern

What Is It?

We want to make real estate modern at every opportunity. So we've taken all the information that comes through a real estate brokerage and put it together in an interactive digital display. It's a fresh, intuitive way to showcase properties to consumers and the office, and recognize agent achievements at the same time.

Are These Your Challenges Too?

Listing Exposure

How do you make your listings stand out? As technology changes, so do your consumers preferences—and it's becoming increasingly difficult to engage with them.

Agent Availability

Don't know if your agents are in or out of the office? Tracking availability is next to impossible when the office in/out board is more wall art than management tool.

Office Collaboration

Does it feel like your team could be stronger? Agents aren't working together as well as they could to sell listings or find homes for buyers.

Agent Recognition

From your top producers to your strongest mentors, how do you make agents feel valued? Retaining quality agents is a battle you face every day.

How We Help

Listing Feed

Our digital displays feature dynamic and engaging listings, with live status updates via MLS integration.

Sales Board

With automated transaction display and agent rankings, you can drive in-house collaboration, highlight top producers and inspire your sales floor to strive for more.


Make it easier for agents to communicate their availability with a touch-screen to mark themselves as IN or OUT of the office.


A touch-screen kiosk that can capture lead information wherever it stands, and send these leads straight through to the office.

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Find out how Tim uses technology to connect with his agents and focus on the human element of real estate.


Modern technology is one element of a strong roster, but there are many more. Find out what they are here.

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