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It’s official: NAR will not provide Transactions (zipForm Edition) or any other transaction management solution as a member benefit in 2022. That means it’s up to individual agents to keep the solution in their hands for the year ahead.

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  • Complete transaction management
  • Digital forms engine
  • Unlimited document storage




  • Complete transaction management
  • Digital forms engine
  • Unlimited document storage
  • Fully integrated eSignature
  • Access transactions on mobile

Real estate’s leading transaction solution

Transactions (zipForm Edition) provides you with all the digital tools you need from listing presentation to close and beyond.

Keep your transaction history and take advantage of these bundled features:

  • Real estate's leading eSignature solution built into Transactions
  • One-click digital title insurance orders with your trusted providers
  • Free access to your favorite apps, including Earnnest, Updater, RentSpree, and more
  • Mobile app for transactions anytime, anywhere via your iPad, iPhone or Android device
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When will my Transactions (zipForm Edition) NAR member benefit expire?
Your member benefit expired on December 31, 2021, at which time you will lose access to your account unless you update your plan.
Is there a chance that NAR will still provide Transactions as a member benefit in 2022?
No. NAR’s 2022 budget is set and it does not include Transactions, nor any transaction management solution, as a member benefit in 2022.
What does this offer include?
This special offer includes the opportunity to renew your Transactions account at a discounted rate, as well as the premium option to upgrade and pre-order the ultimate transaction bundle for your Transactions solution, including eSignature and mobile access which will be added to your account when the member benefit expires.


Your paid service period for this solution will start on the date you renew. This does not extend your paid service period for other products such as MLS-Connect, forms libraries, and EliteAgent, which will continue to have their same expiration date.
After the national member benefit expires, will I still be able to access my transaction history?
Your account will be frozen for 90 days. After the 90-day freeze period, your account will be deleted permanently, and your data will not be retrievable. You may sign up again at the full retail price.
If I choose to update my plan, when will I be charged?
When you update your plan, you will be charged the same day at your discounted rate.