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Recruiting—and retaining—talent just got easier. 

With another busy season for selling—and recruiting—ahead, we’re pleased to announce some new features and updates for the web-based version of Proficiency Metrics. 

Whether you’re looking to build up your bottom line or expand your sphere of influence, the BrokerMetrics suite of tools makes it simpler than ever to identify and evaluate talent—and that’s even easier with online access to Proficiency Metrics. Understand an agent's transaction history by dollar volume, units, geographic footprint, and more, all so you can find the best fit for your office.   

Here's what you can focus on for features and updates: 

Agent Search: Proficiency Metrics will now support users searching for a particular agent by name and dive deeper into their production.   

Office Search: Proficiency Metrics will now support users searching by a specific Office and curate Office Groups based on location, receiving their complete agent roster to review each agent's transaction history.   

Agent’s Office History: Users can now see the work history and time spent at each brokerage for any agent. This is their resume and a contributor to evaluating the agent as a possible fit to target for your brokerage.   

Agent Profile Pages: Once an agent is selected, users can drill down on their production and history to learn more.  

Custom Market Area: Users can now create a custom market area by combining multiple areas of the same type, run searches using the custom market area, and save, update, and manage their custom market areas.  

View/Hide My Agent Filter: Users can filter search results to either view only agents in your office or hide agents in your office.   

Ready to start exploring all the new features and benefits?  

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