March Madness is more than just the biggest time of year for college basketball—it’s also the tip-off to the hot real estate selling season. The competition is going to heat up, the stakes are going to rise, and only the most prepared brokerages can make a run for the championship. Is your brokerage at the center of your market’s bracket?

In the spirit of this sports season and the fact that the buzzer has sounded on the market slowdown, we’ve got our own spin on the Final Four—with four real estate solutions that will have your brokerage slam dunking this spring and beyond.


Pick 1: BrokerMetrics 

First up is BrokerMetrics by Lone Wolf, the data command center for brokerages like yours. In the fast-paced world of real estate, having a winning strategy tied to facts is everything. Just like a championship basketball team wouldn't dream of going into a game blind, real estate brokerages need powerful analytics to dominate their market.  

  • Become a scouting genius: Scope your competition and identify hot markets with details around agent production and business performance insights. Then you'll know exactly where to focus your efforts for maximum listings, marketing opportunities, and sales.
  • Analyze like a coach: Track key metrics like average days on market, price trends, and closing rates. BrokerMetrics gives you the data to see what's working and what needs adjustments.
  • Draft top performers: Recruit top agents with pinpoint accuracy. BrokerMetrics helps you identify top talent so you can build a winning team that consistently outperforms.


Pick 2: Back Office  

No more data entry turnovers, among many other benefits, with Lone Wolf Back Office. Your entire brokerage wins with real estate’s leading accounting software, bringing accounting, transactions, commissions, and reporting together in one place.

  • Head coach view for admins: Get real-time reports that paint a clear picture of your pipeline and financials. It’s like having a bird’s-eye view of your business, so you can make strategic decisions with minimized data entry errors in play.
  • Winning reports for brokers: Schedule automatic, recurring financial reports for audit prep to save time and hassle. These reports also offer quick access to agent commissions and billing, providing the assists you need to effectively manage your team.
  • Skills development for agents: Access personalized reports that showcase year-to-date earnings, budgets, and expenses to help track and improve their performance—and help leadership provide coaching tips.


Pick 3: Transactions

Lone Wolf Transactions is the closer for your brokerage, simplifying the transaction process, minimizing errors, and keeping everyone in the loop. In the high-pressure world of real estate, closing deals smoothly is the ultimate victory dance.

  • Fast break communication: Simplify communication with all parties involved—agents, buyers, sellers—with a secure, centralized platform. No more fumbled handoffs or missed connections.
  • Defense against errors: Eliminate the free throws of manual data entry. Transactions automates documents and tasks, ensuring every detail is perfect, every time.
  • Full-court efficiency: Manage your entire transaction pipeline with ease. Track progress, access documents, and collaborate seamlessly—all from one central hub. No more scrambling during crunch time!

Plus, Transactions has everything else needed to smoothly close out winning deals, including a comprehensive forms library, eSignature, back office integration, digital title orders, and a whole lot more.


Pick 4: Boost

The real estate market is a competitive three-point contest, especially now that it’s finally starting to rebound, and every listing counts. But attracting new clients can sometimes feel like a long shot. That's where Boost by Lone Wolf comes in.

  • Automatic assists: No more facing the hassle of manual ad creation. Boost automatically generates targeted ads for each new listing, putting your properties in front of the right audience just like a perfectly executed pick-and-roll.
  • Smart targeting: Boost uses powerful smart targeting based on location and buyer demographics, ensuring your message lands with the perfect audience online every time.
  • High-scoring results: Eye-catching visuals and data-driven copy pulled right from the MLS grab attention and generate leads, increasing your chances of landing the winning offer. With Boost, you can monitor your campaigns with ease and see what’s working, too.


There you have it, your four MVP-worthy real estate software tools that will keep your brokerage from being on the defense—and on the offense—as the market rebounds this spring. While there's no clear winner; these four picks make a great software team. We look forward to being the assist for your tech as you head on the road to championship—and real estate—success this season!