The 2024 market continues to be dynamic, yet stronger. Whether the sweet spot for sellers arrives alongside lower mortgage rates, an influx of renters transitioning to homeownership, the demographic shift of folks looking to downsize, or more incentives from new construction, all remains to be seen.

The good news is that it’s off to a strong start and there’s a great chance it will carry through in the coming weeks and months. Now’s the prime opportunity to take advantage of all the possibilities the selling season holds, so you can stay ahead—and even grow your business.

Get a jump start with these simple ideas.


Grow your real estate business this selling season

1. Know your market

Whether you’re north, south, east, or west— real estate’s selling rush arrival varies regionally. We don’t mean larger geographical regions, but rather the pockets of activity and behaviors within your own city and neighborhood. Understanding the unique trends and "hot pockets" in your area allows you to target your efforts toward the most relevant buyers and sellers. How?


In 2024, the good news is that the housing market looks to be bouncing back as new listings increase and interest rates decrease. Does the same hold true for your local market?

BrokerMetrics' new release, Market Dynamics, will help you find the answer to that as it gives you the latest insights on:

  • Pricing trends that provide insights on things like how the average price per square foot is changing over time.
  • Days on market to get a feel for the market’s competitiveness from listing counts and closing rates.
  • Supply and demand that pulls historical inventory data to extrapolate to today’s market.

All this information will help buyers and sellers make informed decisions, all backed by data—not fully on intuition.


2. Organize your CRM 

The client data that’s housed in your CRM holds the key to unlocking revenue growth, saving real estate brokers and agents time with the information needed to close deals faster and simpler. But remember, a CRM's true value lies in data that is organized and accessible.

When’s the last time you tidied up your CRM? With listing and searching as the seasonal mantra, now's the perfect time to clean up your CRM software. This will simplify staying connected with the influx of new prospects that are sure to roll in. It just takes a handful of simple to-dos to get a jump start on organizing your CRM:

  • Delete unresponsive contacts and those with incomplete information. 
  • Save a spreadsheet of past contacts in a separate location if you’d like to reach out to them later.  
  • Track down duplicated contacts and merge them each into one up-to-date record. 
  • Use tags and custom fields. Categorize contacts based on various criteria like location, property type, or buying or selling stage. This allows for targeted communication and easier setup of drip marketing campaigns. 
  • Create contact lists, and group contacts with similar characteristics for easier management, communication, and automation. 

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3. Amp up your marketing activities 

Digital marketing. A topic that never gets old—or that is going away anytime soon. More buyers are actively searching, and one of your priorities is to help find motivated sellers who are ready to sell. What better way to do that than to let technology do it for you?

Leads+ is one of a few digital marketing tools here at Lone Wolf, and it’s filled with all the automated features that will free up your time to focus on other priorities.

  • Uses historical data and smart technology to create and target ads that attract the right sellers online.
  • When potential sellers click your ad, they'll land on a professionally designed page that captures their contact information for you—and we will make sure they are high-quality seller leads for you.
  • These leads are automatically added to your CRM, ready for follow-up and engagement. Leads+ even uses pre-designed email and text campaigns to nurture leads.
  • Track and analyze your campaigns as you gain valuable insights to optimize your marketing efforts.


4. Seal the deal with unforgettable tours

When helping your buyers land on their dream home, you know the feeling. Last-minute showing changes, outdated property information on tour documents, and rifling through paper printouts when comparing multiple properties during a tour. The list goes on.  

This all ends with the live buyer tours enhancement from Cloud CMA. Live buyer tours will impress your buyers as embark on home tours with features like:

  • Live MLS data syncing that automatically updates.
  • A mobile-friendly experience, including the tour itinerary and drive time between properties.
  • Easy-to-use tool to create stunning reports in minutes.
  • More collaboration tools, like in-app texting, for better communication with clients.
  • Side-by-side property comparisons.

And more. With live buyer tours, you can showcase properties like never before and put the latest information at your buyers' fingertips. All this keeps your brand top-of-mind and gets you that much closer to closing the deal.


Remember, preparation is key. By taking these steps now, you'll be ready to move forward with confidence and capture the opportunities coming your way. Until then, don't forget to prioritize some rest and rejuvenation in between!