Lone Wolf’s Keys to Ownership training packages

Adopting new technology and ensuring that your members are getting the most out of the solutions you provide is an ongoing challenge. That’s why Lone Wolf offers flexible Keys to Ownership (KTOs) packages that can be tailored to your organization’s needs at whatever stage of adoption you are in.

Options for services

For each year of your membership contract, you'll receive 100 KTO credits that can be used on a variety of training options to help you launch and maintain the use of your Lone Wolf technology in your organization. Training options can range from a fundamental level to advanced based upon your current needs. Check them out below.

Agent Fundamentals Training Package

To get your members started with your Lone Wolf technology, select from the following training options and more that best fits your organization’s needs.

  • Creating your Transactions (zipForm Edition) account
  • Tour of Transactions (zipForm Edition) Resources
  • Signing into Transactions (zipForm Edition)
  • Profile Settings
  • Navigation Bar
  • Creating a New Transaction Using zipForm MLS-Connect®
  • Viewing/Adding a Form/ Benefits of a Coversheet 8) Form Tools

Admin Fundamentals Training Package

To get your admins started with your Lone Wolf technology, choose from our training classes designed specifically for your admins.

  • Why a Multi-user account?
  • Explore the Broker Dashboard
  • ListFlash® Introduction
  • Explore the Administrative Tab
  • Add/Edit Agents and Office
  • Reassign Transactions
  • Introduce Admin. access in zipForm® Mobile

Agent Advanced Training Package

Choose from our advanced training options below for continued education for your members as they continue to explore their Lone Wolf technology.

  • Explore the Transaction Tools from the home page
  • Create a Transaction and Review Transaction Summary
  • Add and Organize Forms and Documents within a Transaction
  • Create a PDF file and activate the PDF Split
  • Explore the Agent Dashboard and Graph population
  • Discover Doc Inbox
  • Collaborate with your team using the Collaboration Tools in zipCommunity™

Admin Advanced Training Package

Choose from our advanced training options below design specifically for your admins’ continued education as they continue to explore the power of their Lone Wolf technology.

  • What is Transaction Management?Explore and understand Tasks

  • View Transactions (zipForm Edition) notifications for Tasks

  • Create a new Enforced (Listing) Template including a Checklist & Placeholder

  • Add the Template to a Transaction

  • Create a ListFlash®  

  • Approve Transactions & Documents

  • Set Document Approval Status

  • Collaborate with Team using Share tools in zipCom


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On Demand Self Service Tools

We understand that your members’ jobs are 24/7. Which is why we also provide access to numerous on-demand training options to complement your KTO training and adoption package.

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Give your members access to free agent and admin webinars that fit their schedule.

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