You would think that keeping and growing those new hires would become a priority rather than moving onto the next potential hire but that is seldom the case. Your retention strategy should start with the new hires orientation and indoctrination into their new workplace. Nothing will cause them to question their decision to join you faster than a lukewarm reception by your existing agents or by the admin staff. Here are some key suggestions to get the new recruit started on the path to becoming a committed member of “Team Us”:

  1. Provide a welcome/ orientation letter from the Broker Owner, Manager and senior admin staff.
  2. Book a formal orientation time with them and assign them a specific person to act as their guide.
  3. Their guide will take them around the office to show them where everything is and to introduce them to as many of the staff as possible.
  4. Complete required paperwork for the licensing body, the local real estate board, their contract, etc.
  5. Their guide should also provide them with a personalized orientation kit and answer any questions they may have regarding it.

What you include in your orientation kit is up to you but should include:

  1. A company procedures manual
  2. Office keys and all pass codes that they will require
  3. A supply of business cards, marketing materials, signs, etc.
  4. A company history and vision statement
  5. Hard copies of all company listings
  6. A copy of the internal sales training program

You should also ensure that you touch base with the new recruit to see how things are going and to ask if they need anything or have any questions. This should be done either in person or by phone on the first day, a few times during the first week and then at least once a week going forward. Equally important is to personally connect with every member of your sales and administration staff on a regular basis and to go out of your way to reconnect with anyone you haven’t seen in awhile.

Make notes in your contact manager of the dates of everyone’s birthday, wedding anniversary, company anniversary, spouses and children’s birthdays, and acknowledge these important milestones in a meaningful way.  Remember that a career in real estate can be hard on spouses; so find ways of acknowledging their contribution whenever you can.

What “Team Us” as a retention strategy really boils down to is caring about the people around you and making sure that they know that you do. Share your favorite way of building “Team Us” by providing a comment in the comments section below.