Celebrating a year of excellence: The Lone Wolf team

In hindsight, 2023 was a busy year for a few reasons. Along with major news like the announcement of the future of real estate software, our leadership team made waves—and big contributions—to the real estate industry as a whole.

Let’s take a look back at some of the prestigious awards that recognized the Lone Wolf leadership team recently for the work they do to support real estate at every level.


Jimmy Kelly, CEO

The Vanguard Award

Jimmy was recognized as a winner of the HousingWire Vanguard awards, honoring innovation, leadership, and outstanding contributions to the real estate industry. His vision for the future, both for Lone Wolf and for real estate, is one that focuses on creating real change and inspiring innovation for all through a comprehensive platform that brings together everything the people of real estate need to perform their best.

“I’m incredibly proud to lead this organization as we continue to work toward a brighter future for everyone involved in real estate today—one that gives them simpler ways to do what they do every day to help others find home and make the most of every moment this industry has to offer.”

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Sean Wheeler, CTO

Tech Trendsetter

Sean was recognized on the 2023 Tech Trendsetter list from HousingWire, an award that honors ingenuity, innovation, and dedication in solving the challenges facing the industry today. As our CTO, Sean works with the team here at Lone Wolf to build solutions that solve specific problems for real estate professionals across the nation, pinpointing where we can improve workflows, deliver better technology, and make a difference for professionals and their clients.

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Aaron Kardell, VP of Product and Design

Insiders Award

Aaron was recognized as a winner of the HousingWire Insiders Award, which honors outstanding contributions and leadership in the real estate industry. Since 2009, Aaron has been a key figure in the industry, both as the former CEO of HomeSpotter and as VP of Product and Design here at Lone Wolf. His expertise, fresh perspectives, and appetite for innovation have set the bar for what technology can accomplish in real estate—and how we work to bring those accomplishments to everyone in the industry.

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Kyle Hunter, GM of Franchise

Insiders Award

Kyle was recognized as a winner of the HousingWire Insiders Award, which honors exceptional contributions and pursuit of excellence in the real estate industry. Kyle is always looking for deeper meaning in the insights he has into real estate and its shifting dynamics, assessing and predicting outcomes from the trends he sees and translating that into partnerships between key industry players.

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Bonus: The Lone Wolf team

2024 Tech100

Already this year, we’re off to a solid start with a recent recognition as part of HousingWire’s 2024 Tech100 Real Estate awards. This list, which recognizes the most transformative and innovative companies in the real estate industry, sets the stage for what is truly going to be a transformative year in real estate—one that brings together all the hard work of the leaders and the team here at Lone Wolf, and one that we’re so excited to go through with you.