Lone Wolf Foundation and the new generation of software

It seems like just yesterday we first shared our excitement over Lone Wolf Foundation at the T3 Sixty Tech Summit. At the time, it was a rather unofficial announcement, a teaser of what was to come for real estate software, with a promise that though it wasn’t ready to hit the market yet, it would transform the way the industry works. 

If you’d like a trip down memory lane, you can check out our first post on the matter—and the path that led us to Lone Wolf Foundation—here

Now, as we bear down on July 2024, it’s finally time. 

Lone Wolf Foundation and the new generation of real estate software are coming—and it’s just a matter of days now. 


Mark your calendars—your answers are coming soon. 

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It’s been our mission since 1989 to make real estate software simpler for everyone involved—those that have to use it, those that experience its effects, those who rely on it for their home sales to go through. 

After all, real estate does come with more than its fair share of questions. 

How do you make sure everyone gets paid on time—every time? Is there a simpler way you could handle all the paperwork in a deal? What more could you be doing to get your brokerage’s brand in front of interested clients?  

What about agents? How could you make their lives simpler—so they see more value in staying with your brokerage? What’s the best way to keep them compliant when they’re working on forms?  

And ultimately, what can you do to improve your bottom line? 

We’ve always focused the software we build on answering those questions, and Lone Wolf Foundation—along with the new generation of software—is the next step in making simpler software that solves the problems you face a reality for real estate. 


Keep an eye out for a major announcement in early July, where you’ll see the official introduction of: 

  • The new Lone Wolf Back Office, the new gold standard in real estate back office and accounting 
  • Lone Wolf Transact, the client-first transaction management software that thinks the way agents do 
  • Lone Wolf Front Office, the new face of your brokerage’s online presence 

Each of these new solutions will be available in Lone Wolf Foundation, the complete platform that brings together everything you need to do in real estate—from digital ads to CMA, CRM, forms, insights, and so much more—into one easily accessible place.  


Ready to get started? 

If you’re a current Back Office, Transactions, or Propertybase GO user: 

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If you’re new to our software: 

Great news: The new software is just around the corner. If you’re really eager to get started, we have a way for you to do that, too. Check out this page for an exclusive demo before the official launch.