Sales Meeting

A common lament among brokers and managers is “I hold sales meetings on a regular basis but few of my sales associates make the effort to attend.” When asked why; the responses from the sales associates vary from “I’m just too busy” to “I find them a waste of time.”  Sound familiar? If it does, you’re certainly not alone but luckily there is an easy solution - “spice up” your sales meetings by putting the fun and value back into them!

To conduct worthwhile and well attended sales meetings, try these Top 10 Tips:

  1. Keep the meetings short
  2. Begin and end on time (play some music a few minutes before you start to get the energy up)
  3. Ensure that everyone is comfortable (enough seating, private, good temperature, etc.,)
  4. Keep interruptions to a minimum and don’t allow one or two people to dominate the meeting
  5. Provide a written agenda and stick to it
  6. Provide information that will help your sales associates either save time or make money
  7. If possible have more than one person present or allow an occasional guest presenter (stipulating no hard selling)
  8. Feature the accomplishments of a different sales associate each week (not just production based)
  9. Get them upbeat & motivated by introducing a fun exercise, a hilarious video, sharing a funny occurrence that happened since the last meeting and have a no negatively rule (this is not the best setting for sharing bad news, complaining, or chastising)

In other words, put some thought and preparation into it and then ask yourself would I personally find this meeting worthwhile attending if invited? As a final note, consider asking them for their input at the conclusion of the meeting. Let them know how important their insight is to you. Ask them if the meeting was worthwhile and what would make it even better next time.