How Do You Bridge the Gap Between Your Agents and Front Desk?

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How Do You Bridge the Gap Between Your Agents and Front Desk

Your front office and agents are on two opposing shores. You need a strong bridge to keep both sides together.

Just like a bridge, brokerages need to connect their agents and front desk. The most common connections involve transaction management, document sharing and MLS integration, as well as your standard communications such as email and text.

Both sides need a direct and frequent method of extracting listing data so they can manage listings and transactions, as well as automate and keep consistent marketing and networking efforts.

86% of all brokerages offer MLS technology to their agents and encourage its use. However, 60% of brokerages provide document sharing and only 40% provide or encourage the use of transaction management software. These numbers suggest that while brokerages may acknowledge the importance of extracting listing data, many are ill-equipped to actually manage it.

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So though the bridge from agent to front office is clearly important, as a structure it is not strongly reinforced.

Many brokerages bear the inefficiencies that result from a weak connection between agents and front desk, without realizing that these inefficiencies come at a high cost. Among the costs are added manual processes, inconsistent workflows, data inaccuracies and of course, communication gaps.

For some, these inefficiencies are just the cost of doing business, or par for the course. But there is another, more efficient and effective, way of doing business.

'Transact' technology can greatly increase the efficiency of your brokerage. But transact technology is only one piece of the puzzle.

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