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As part of running a business, finding new leads comes up near the top of important things to do. After all, a new lead today is a closed deal down the road. 

With all the ways to gain leads, from referrals and drip email campaigns to online ads and more, figuring out your strategy can be overwhelming. And at some point, you’ll probably start to wonder about what could make it simpler for you—like lead generation software. The trouble is knowing when it’s time to start searching. 

To help, we’ve gathered a few of the top signs that mean your agent business is ready for this next step to transform into a more efficient, focused, and growth-focused version of itself. 


You feel like your marketing strategy is taking too much time.  

A full-fledged marketing strategy will rightly have a variety of items to keep track of: old and new client relationships to tend to through phone or email, online and physical advertising campaigns, and more.  

While variety itself is a great thing, managing everything at once can become overwhelming—and often time consuming. Communicating regularly with your clients is a difficult feat to maintain without any hiccups.  

If you feel like your marketing strategy is taking too much time away from connecting with your clients, lead generation software that automates a specific step in your process can help. It will help free up time for tasks that need a human touch, like starting a conversation with a lead. 


You’re overwhelmed by all the marketing options out there.  

When it comes to marketing options, there are a lot of them. But all the options in the world mean nothing if you’re not using the right ones. 

That’s where finding focus and direction comes in. With a task like finding new leads, there are so many ways to go about it, from word of mouth to hard-earned referrals, advertising campaigns and more. Focusing your efforts will bring you the results you want—especially by aiming for leads based on the type of clients you want and the goals they have, and choosing marketing options based on that. 

To figure out where exactly to focus your business, don’t be afraid to ask for an expert’s opinion. Look for a lead generation service that can help you access experts with years of experience—and insights through market reports and more that could help you narrow down your direction even more. 


Growth feels tedious, and you want to move faster.  

Worthwhile and longstanding growth takes time and patience, but in the real estate world, it makes sense to want to see a clear and noticeable change in growth more immediately. If you’re feeling the urge to grow your business more quickly, seeing where your efforts are going is a great place to start. 

For example, spending too much time on a lead only for them to change their mind at the last second, or not spending enough time on a lead who’s been ready and waiting—possibly risking a missed chance or a stronger client relationship entirely—are both things that can decrease your efficiency as an agent. 

If you’re looking to engage with active buyers and sellers when they’re looking for you, and not a minute sooner or later, a lead generation service could help with that. Look for one that offers extra resources dedicated to building interest from prospective clients, like landing pages, email or text campaigns, and more. 


Finding more efficiency, focus, and growth for your business  

If any of these feelings seemed familiar to you, it’s probably a good time to consider incorporating lead generation software into your business. In today’s fast-paced market, it just makes sense to use a tech tool that’s been designed to save you more time, gain you more direction, and find you more growth as an agent business. 

To learn more about what a lead generation service can do, check out BoldLeads here