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In real estate, communication matters. After all, it’s the building block of any strong agent–client relationship.  

Of course, things aren’t always so simple. There’s a sweet spot between not sending enough messages to your clients and sending too many—and within that, each message should be valuable and keep from wasting the client’s time.  

This is where best practices come into play. What does it look like? How and why should you keep in touch with your clients during the buying and selling process—and afterward? Let’s dive deeper into why regular communications with your client sphere matters.  


Reason #1: It keeps you top of mind.  


When you message your clients regularly, whether it’s through text, email, phone call, or even snail mail, you’re seizing the opportunity to remind them of your business. Keeping your name around means staying at the top of your past clients’ minds, so they’ll know who to look for when they’re ready to buy or sell.  

The same goes for potential leads and current clients.  

With clients at any point in your funnel, it’s important to make use of automated tools and platforms that let you stay in touch while also saving time—and support you with delivering high-quality messages that are engaging, memorable, and valuable.  

Stick around, and they’ll find their way back to you when the time is right.  


Reason #2: It keeps you open and available.  


For any of your leads and clients, staying open and available to any inquiries they may have will help immensely with furthering your credibility and reputation as an agent, as well as pave the way for a potential new deal to happen. When you use a platform that not only sends messages to your clients, but also gives them the option to message you back, you open a direct line that:  

  1. Makes you feel accessible
  2. Makes it easy to contact you.

Jumping into—or back into—the real estate game can be difficult and confusing, so clients will often opt for the easiest option. If contacting you isn’t as easy as a text or email, they can be quick to move on to an agent or brokerage who is.  

All in all? Make sure it’s easy for your clients to reach you for a conversation.  


Reason #3: It helps your clients stay updated. 


With today’s competitive market, listings are like gold. As a client, entering it can be overwhelming. As an agent, make sure that you’re doing what you can to keep your clients updated and informed about their buying or selling journey in real time. And with today’s technology, you can do things a lot faster than ever before. This can look like updates about: 

  • Listings that have just dropped
  • Listings your clients might be interested in
  • Listings they’ve already shown interest in

And more. Take advantage of platforms that offer text updates for listings as soon as they hit the MLS. You can also customize how often these updates are sent, all based on your clients’ preferences.  

When you make sure to prioritize keeping your clients updated and informed, they’ll show their appreciation tenfold in return.  


How to give your client communication strategy an upgrade  

Now that we’ve explored the whys of keeping in touch with your clients, a simple question arises: How can you reach your communication goals with your sphere? And just as importantly, how can you do so while saving time in your strategy?  

Well, the answer comes in the form of market-leading platforms like Cloud Streams, which offers:  

  • The fastest MLS listing alerts on the market, to keep clients informed  
  • Branded and automated emails and text campaigns, to keep clients updated  
  • An interactive visual-based listing and communication platform, to keep you open and available.  



This platform offers branded messages that keep you top of mind, a direct line to you for questions that arise, and an innovative social media-esque platform with tools for clients to interact with listings that have the potential to become a cozy new home.  

Want to explore Cloud Streams? Check out the free trial here.  


Disclaimer: Cloud Streams is subject to area availability.