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As a client, getting into the housing market is an important decision. The experience they gain will be crucial in their future decisions to return. As an agent, how can you help make that the best experience possible?  

To help inspire you and transform the client experiences your agent business offers during this upcoming busy season, we’ve gathered some thought-provoking quotes from powerful names in real estate today.  



Miedler’s quote is all about making sure that you’re properly taking care of your client. While this may seem like a given, it’s worth taking the time to look at how your workflow prioritizes the client and what it does to show them that their business is being valued. Especially in a competitive landscape like today’s, appreciation and genuine connection can go a long way in terms of referrals down the road and repeat business in the future.  

One way to value your clients is to value their time. Instead of posing challenges to clients with complicated software during a deal, you can save them time and simplify the signing process with innovative eSignature tools. For example, Authentisign is a tool that simplifies the process down to three easy steps, so clients can step into their new property and start turning it into a home in what feels like no time at all. The faster that happens, the more memorable of an experience they’ll gain. 



Earlier, we talked about taking care of the client. Boswell’s quote is about how to do that.  

The world of real estate can sometimes seem cutthroat and unforgiving, especially as the market continues to recover slowly. With limited inventory and high demand, it’s easy for buyers and sellers to get discouraged or feel like they should settle for less, whether it’s to cut costs or reach their goal faster.  

Make sure to address this where you can—because while there’s a lot that you can’t control as an agent, including market prices and mortgage rates, there’s also a lot within your power to create a client experience that exceeds expectations every time.  

In the case of real estate agents everywhere, Boswell’s words can be applied to the art of crafting a client experience that is hiccup-free, easy for anyone to use, and refreshingly quick and simple.  

Modern-day eSignature tools like Authentisign can help your agent business do exactly that. Instead of remembering frustrations during the signing process when they look back to this time in the future, your clients will remember a surprisingly stress-free experience; Authentisign simplifies the back-and-forth paperwork of buying a property into a simple three-step process. This makes every signing request, whether it’s to an agent, their client, or a third party, stunningly clear and to the point—which cuts down the time it takes to close a deal and get those housekeys into a new owner’s hands.  


What does this mean for agents?  

With time and effort come growth and innovation, especially in technology. Luckily, that’s great news for agent businesses. Especially in today’s post-pandemic real estate landscape, clients may feel discouraged about the housing market—but they really shouldn’t. After all, there’s no time like the present, and with top-notch agents, agent services, and simplified tech, the old headache of buying a property can be properly dispelled once and for all.  

Because back then and now, it’s always been people that are at the heart of real estate. Keeping this in mind by making sure to value your clients through their experience and time—in the ways that are within your control, of course—will keep you safe in their fond memories during what can be a stressful time. By easing your client’s tech burdens, you can be confident about having gained another solid connection for the future.