Last year, we added some amazing new solutions to our tech suite for agents and brokers.

Boost, the incredibly easy and popular digital advertising tool. Propertybase GO, the website/CRM tool used by 4,500 leading brands. And LionDesk, the leading CRM tool trusted by over 165,000 agents.

Today, we’re excited to share that each of these solutions now connects to Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm Edition and TransactionDesk Edition), the leading transaction management solutions in real estate (that are also member benefits for over 750,000 agents in North America). We’re here to give agents and brokers the tools they need to be successful. With inventory low and competition high, these integrations come at a perfect time for agents and brokers to focus on their sales and marketing funnel.



Finally, your marketing, CRM, and transaction management tools work for you, not against you. Whether you’re a long-time user or a newcomer looking to learn more, take control of your pipeline and check out the new improvements available to you today.

Agents, click here!

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Software should be a bridge, not a barrier

If you’ve ever worked in real estate, you know the deal.

  • You want a bigger list of leads to fill your pipeline—but your ads take about 2 hours to prepare and still only get 10 impressions on Facebook.

  • You nailed your listing presentation and try to sign a contract on the spot—but it takes too long, and the seller’s anxious for you to leave now.

  • You’re preparing an offer for a buyer who’s finally ready (after six months!)—but you’ve got their contact info all wrong because you had to enter the details yourself.

  • You’re sending a signing to close the deal quickly, but crap, you forgot your login to the 3rd party signature service

But you know what? None of this is your fault. Whether you’re an agent who struggles with these little (big) things or a broker whose agents struggle with these little (big) things, the common problem here is not you but software that doesn’t work together.

As an agent, you should be able to purchase an ad that’s ready to share on social in the blink of an eye. You should be able to send your contact info directly to a contract. You should be able to send a signing from your forms and then flip that to the brokerage when it’s done.

As a broker, you should be able to have a system that does all of the above—plus connects to your back office to pay your agents their commissions. And you should be able to have a single source of data that provides real-time info on things like market status, ad metrics, transaction pipeline, agent production, so company financials.

You should, and with Lone Wolf, you can.

Lead to contact, contract to close

We’re here to make real estate simpler for you, whether you’re an agent or a broker or a buyer or a seller. We’re doing that by bringing all the critical real estate touchpoints together in one place, so we can give our customers—and their customers—the fast, easy, and fully connected experience they expect, demand, and deserve in this digital age.

And it all starts with Lone Wolf Transactions, the gateway to the entire experience and the hub for all things real estate. A single solution that serves so many, Transactions connects to the best tools in real estate to give our customers everything they need from lead to contact, contract to close:

  • Looking for better leads? Connect to Boost

  • Looking for better CMAs? Connect to Cloud CMA

  • Looking for better CRM? Connect to Propertybase Go or LionDesk

  • Looking for a better signing process? Connect to Authentisign

  • Looking for a better way to order home warranty, tenant screening, and seller disclosures? Connect to our partners

  • Looking for better accounting? Connect to Back Office

  • And there’s more on the way.

Check out the fully connected experience in Transactions. And give us a shout if you’re a broker and would like to learn more.