Recruiting Strategies

If you’ve been in the real estate business for any length of time chances are that you are familiar with the phrase “Eventually all my agents will leave me.”  This is one of those undeniable truisms with the real estate business. Understanding this to be true and developing a strategy to recruit new agents and to retain the existing agents longer is essential for a healthy, profitable business. Yet most don’t treat these activities with the importance they deserve.

For many, recruiting just a few extra agents could quite easily be the difference between making a profit or not.  Yet recruiting is typically something that is done reluctantly and on an ‘as time allows’ basis.

Surprisingly, recruiting doesn’t need to consume that much time or energy each day.  Imagine the impact to your recruiting goals if you committed to making just one contact a day with an experienced agent and to having one interview a week. On the surface that doesn’t seem that it would have much of an impact until you do the math. One contact per day multiplied by five days multiplied by 50 weeks equals 250 contacts per year – how many do you think you are currently making? One interview per week multiplied by that same 50 weeks equates to 50 interviews per year – how many of those are you currently scheduling? To achieve these numbers is only a matter of committing to making that one call a day – no matter what!

Include ads in the local newspaper or any job search website and the occasional career night and your results will further improve. Include social media and a customized Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies recruiting website and your recruiting pipeline fills even more.