What Is Your Value Proposition

Whether your recruiting efforts are focused on hiring experienced agents or newly licensed agents one thing that you can rely on is that they all want to know what you are offering in the way of commission/fee structure and what products, services and systems you provide that will help them make more money.

Assuming your commission/fee structures are comparable to your competitors, the potential recruit’s decision will probably be based on the differences between what your competitors offer and what your company offers. This is known as your value proposition.

In order to construct a truly persuasive value proposition you must do your research. To begin you first need to identify who of your competitors are having the most recruiting success and then try to determine the reasons for that success.  Obtaining this intelligence is typically something of a challenge but with a bit of determined effort and time you should be able to compile a fairly accurate dossier on each of your major competitors.

Once you understand what is working for your competitors you need to examine what is and is not working for you.  Start by making a detailed list all of the benefits of joining your company.  When constructing this list make it all encompassing – don’t edit at this point.  Consider asking your existing agents why they joined your company, what services the company provides that they value the most and what they feel would entice an outside agent into joining your company.

Armed with all this knowledge it’s time to make a company value proposition package.  Remembering that ‘perception is reality’ this needs to be designed by a graphic designer and printed on quality paper and in full color.  List only those benefits that you have determined are the most persuasive and remember to include not just the feature but also the benefit to the reader.