Two Reasons We Make Tech for Real Estate (and No One Else)

In casual conversation, people ask me what we do. I always say, ‘we make technology for real estate brokerages’. But one question that never comes up is: why do we make technology for real estate (instead of other industries, like government or education, for example)?

So check it out. Here are two reasons why we make technology for real estate and no one else: 

1.    Real estate is unique.

We understand real estate. Over the counter technology solutions like QuickBooks are built for run-of-the-mill small businesses from industries of all sorts. These businesses don’t have to process 75 commissions a week, deduct a multitude of fees from their employees’ checks, keep track of trust deposits for audit trails, or regularly report financials back to their franchisors. 

Real estate is a unique industry and brokerages require unique software. That’s where we come in. 

2.    Accounting is a different game than Sales. 

We specialize in back office software. The most important component of a real estate back office is accounting. Accounting affects everyone and everything in a brokerage: transactions, staff, agents, operations etc. Without it, running a real estate business would be literally impossible. 

Broker/owners are responsible for the accounting and financial management of their firm. However, for most brokers, accounting just isn’t their forte—making their responsibilities that much more difficult to manage. 

That’s why we make software in which all of the necessary real estate accounting processes happen behind the scenes. We want to make it as simple and foolproof for brokerages to do their accounting so that Brokers can pursue the success they envisioned when they first set up shop.  

And these two reasons are really just the tip of the iceberg. We provide a ton of other real-world benefits for brokerages; you can check out this 4-minute video demo for a quick look at some more!