• 5 Tips to Keep You Professional on Social Media

    October 31, 2017
    Remember, nothing is truly private on the internet. Even if you have your accounts set to private, and only friends can see what you post, you may be at risk. Recently Curt Schilling, a former professional baseball pitcher, winner of 3 World Series, was fired from ESPN because of a comment he made on Facebook. It wasn’t his post. It was his…
  • Planning is Everything in Business

    October 24, 2017
    It’s that time of year again (yep, it’s annual planning season)! Time to bring your financial statements out of hiding, crunch some numbers and get pumped for another year of doing what you love. We paint a pretty picture, but for those of you who are less fond of accounting, reporting, and analysis, annual planning isn’t always so exciting.
  • Together Means Helping One Another

    October 19, 2017
    At Lone Wolf, one of our core values is ‘Together’. For us, ‘Together’ means working as a team to reach our goals. It means growing alongside our clients and becoming better together. But ‘Together’ also takes on a bigger meaning: it means doing whatever we can to help our neighbors and our community.
  • Are Your Agents in the Game or on the Sidelines?

    October 18, 2017
    Hey brokerWOLF clients! I’ve got a really quick tip to get a back-door benefit out of your brokerWOLF system.  Pull up menu option E.U.6 and hit ‘Screen’. This is your Agent Counts Report. 
  • 5 Reasons to get brokerWOLF Hosted!

    October 17, 2017
    It’s 2017. Much of our personal data, files and information are on Google Drive, Dropbox or even Facebook. Here are 5 reasons why you should embrace data hosting for your real estate business too. Save on Costs: Maintaining your own network infrastructure and finding storage solutions for your data is expensive. Reduce your costs by getting Lone…
  • Instanet Acquisition Paves the Way for Industry Leading End-to-End Solution

    October 16, 2017
    Today is an exciting day for Lone Wolf as we announce our acquisition of Instanet Solutions. Why are we so excited? Because combining our two companies will pave the way for the real estate industry’s first fully integrated end-to-end solution with electronic forms, eSignatures, MLS listing upload, transaction management, back office accounting…
  • 13 Reasons to not be Scared this Friday, October 13th

    October 13, 2017
    Friday the 13th can give some people a lot of things to be scared about (Jason Voorhees anyone?). But offices with brokerWOLF have a lot less to fear. Here are 13 ways that our back office program brokerWOLF can make your scary nights running a brokerage a lot less terrifying.
  • 4 Free Photo Editing Tools For Real Estate

    October 10, 2017
    You are a real estate professional, not a photographer! But as a real estate pro, photos are a huge part of showcasing your brokerage as well as the homes your brokerage sells.
  • 4 Apps that Let Real Estate Professionals Smash Language Barriers

    October 5, 2017
    We live in a global world. In Toronto, for example, it’s hard to go 1 minute without hearing another language. Today, we’re constantly in contact with people of different backgrounds and different languages. This is especially true if you are a real estate professional. 
  • Key to the Kingdom: Rethinking the Paper Deal Sheet

    October 3, 2017
    The paper deal sheet goes by many names. Sales sheet. Transaction record. Report of Sale. It’s a single piece of paper that agents hand to the office when they submit new business. Whatever it’s called, every brokerage has it, needs it… and probably despises it.