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RealBroker Update (ver.5177)

Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies purchases Borran RealBroker management software, Borran Connect! and Pocket Real Estate

Vancouver, British Columbia (April 7, 2010)

Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies Inc., the largest supplier of real estate office management software in North America, announces the purchase of the Borran real estate brokerage software assets; RealBroker, Connect! and Pocket Real Estate; from Keneck Ventures Inc. The purchase expands the privately-held company’s offerings to real estate brokerages for back office management technology and front end work flow management.

"We are thrilled to make this acquisition and greatly expand our market share in Canada" said Lorne C. Wallace C.A., President of Lone Wolf."We now have the ability to bring to the industry, through our combined products, an unprecedented level of infrastructure and truly create standards that can benefit our clients. We are looking forward to working with the current customer base on Borran and expanding our involvement with them."

Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies adds Borran RealBroker to its suite of brokerage tools; the Lone Wolf Realty Management System, Lucero and DPN; which all together are utilized in the financial operations of over 8,700 real estate offices throughout the United States and Canada.

Thom Kennedy, President of Borran, adds that "After years of lively competition with Lone Wolf, we are very excited to begin a new phase of product cooperation that we sincerely believe will take the real estate industry to new heights in technology. By combining the best of the best, the real estate industry is about to move into new, more efficient territory."

The Borran Connect! and Pocket Real Estate products will be added to Lone Wolf's suite of front office and public facing products comprised of globalWOLF office and agent websites, Wolf EX company extranet, showing solutions, WOLFtracks membership management, agentWOLF and other ancillary products.

"With this latest acquisition completed, our focus now shifts to consolidating the products into our Next Generation product which will truly bring to the industry a complete real estate brokerage solution from one vendor." said Wallace.

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