Lone Wolf launches Recruit—real estate’s first AI-powered recruiting solution

This new solution revolutionizes recruiting for brokers in North America, helping them intelligently find the right agents to add to their brokerage.

CAMBRIDGE, ON - May 3, 2021 - Lone Wolf Technologies (“Lone Wolf”) is excited to announce the launch of Recruit, real estate's first AI and machine-learning powered recruiting solution that helps brokers find the best talent and who represent the best fit for their brokerage. The new solution joins Lone Wolf’s leading end-to-end technology suite, Broker Cloud, and is available for purchase today in most markets across North America.

Recruit is an innovative new solution that leverages AI, machine-learning, and data science to identify agents who are a best fit for a brokerage. With Recruit, brokers can create custom search profiles based on the traits of their best agents. Recruit’s AI technology then crunches over 30 industry-specific metrics to calculate a ‘Fit Score’ for each agent. With this ‘Fit Score’, brokers can easily and more accurately identify and recruit the best agents—who are also a best fit—and are most likely to contribute to the brokerage’s bottom-line.

“We’re thrilled to launch Recruit today,” said Jimmy Kelly, CEO and President of Lone Wolf. “This year, we're on a mission to provide more cutting-edge technology to the real estate industry than ever before. Recruit is a unique and incredibly innovative solution that will provide brokers in the U.S. with a simple and intuitive way of finding and recruiting the best talent and fit for their brokerage.”

This revolutionary solution solves the age-old problem that brokers face—finding and recruiting the right talent. When it comes to running a successful brokerage, there is a direct line between crafting the right team of agents and profitability. Recruit not only simplifies this process but gives brokers insight into agent performance and other key performance indicators, so they can recruit and retain agents who will positively impact their bottom line. Unlike other solutions on the market, Recruit’s use of AI and machine learning makes it a first of its kind solution in real estate.

“Recruit is the real estate industry’s first-ever AI and machine learning tool for better recruiting,” said Chris Egan, Chief Strategy Officer at Lone Wolf. “Our unique algorithm analyzes key agent performance metrics to help brokers define who they should recruit to their brokerage. Recruit delivers a total experience for brokers and agents in that it ultimately brings together the right team so brokers can dramatically increase sales and profitability.”

“Recruit is the long overdue answer to the recruiting challenge that real estate faces,” said Matt Keenan, CRO at Lone Wolf. “Real estate is evolving at a faster pace than we have ever seen, and Recruit helps brokers not only keep up but stay ahead of the game, all while remaining efficient, informed, and profitable.”


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