Lone Wolf set to transform market insights ahead of potential market shifts

Software leader takes multiple steps to help brokerages, agents get ready for anticipated market recovery with new market trend tracking and simpler access to back office, transaction management

DALLAS, TX and CAMBRIDGE, ON – February 15, 2024 – Among positive projections and rising expectations for the recovery of the real estate market in 2024, Lone Wolf Technologies (“Lone Wolf”) has started taking concrete steps toward the future of real estate—and is looking toward what it will take for real estate professionals to be ready for the market’s recovery, starting with the recent introduction of a new tool within BrokerMetrics, the industry’s leading software for brokerage analytics and market intelligence.

“Throughout the industry, we are starting to see a rising sense of optimism and positive market indicators,” said Jimmy Kelly, CEO of Lone Wolf. “It has always been our mission to support real estate professionals in the face of every shift in the market. Together, we've weathered more than enough ups and downs in recent years, and I speak for the entire team here when I say we are ready to make sure everyone in real estate has what they need to be ready to make the most of a potential recovery.”

To help real estate brokers prepare for a potential shifting market in 2024, Lone Wolf recently introduced Market Dynamics, the latest data analytics tool for BrokerMetrics designed to give brokers on-demand insight into how their local markets are performing and trending. Market Dynamics provides brokers with metrics on:

  • Pricing trends
  • Supply and demand
  • Sales rates

In a system that allows them to filter by a range of criteria like property type, time period, location, and much more. Additionally, as part of the new BrokerMetrics, Market Dynamics adds on to recently released tools to strengthen a brokerage’s recruiting strategies and competitive differentiators. With all of this information in their hands, brokers will be equipped to prepare, strategize, and stay ahead of the inevitable phases of a shifting market.

But preparing for the market’s recovery isn’t just about individual solutions. For real estate brokerages to be completely prepared for the industry’s recovery, they need software that can grow, scale, and flex with them. Additionally, they need systems in place ahead of potential market changes, so they’re ready to strike when the anvil’s hot—and along with future-focused initiatives, Lone Wolf is making it easier than ever to access the gold standard in real estate transaction and back office management software.

For a limited time, Lone Wolf is offering Lone Wolf Back Office and Lone Wolf Transactions to brokerages for 20% off to help them get set up and prepared for whatever the market holds this year. As the first back office and accounting and transaction management software combination to feature a two-way connection, Back Office and Transactions have set the bar in real estate software, together processing over 2 million deals, 35 million eSignatures, 125 million forms, and 5.5 million commission checks per year.

For more information on these solutions, check out the Lone Wolf website here!



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